Working with me 1:1 gets you the bespoke coaching you've been dreaming of. 

My 1:1 programme is my VIP offer for very specific people. I am looking for female business owners who know they aren't reaching their full potential.

You feel frustrated, you have so many ideas spinning round your brain but find the actual execution a bit of a minefield. You are trying your best to market your business but you could really do with someone to call on when you get stuck.

You are keen to learn and really driven. You are motivated to succeed but have realised that it might not be possible on your own, well you don't want to wait to find out you just want to get there! You can see others succeeding and want a piece of that for yourself.

No more courses, googling and youtube videos. You want to know how's it done and someone to show you how.

You feel ready to take the step up to the next level and if that means investing in yourself and your business then bring it. It's feels pretty scary but exciting at the same time.

You know this is your year. 

So how does this work?

I am offering a 90 day programme, Clarity, where we will work together on a one to one basis on creating a bespoke plan and strategy for your business. This plan looks different for each of my clients but it's always a combination of training, mindset and getting your messaging right.

We will have weekly zoom meetings where we work on your business together and I will give you some tasks to do until we next speak. You get a recording of our session and notes so you can refer back to the lesson. You can also contact me on WhatsApp or Voxer if you need to.

You will graduate from my programme feeling like you have untangled your social media and can market your business with confidence and ease. Some people choose to work with me for a longer period of time. The choice is yours. 

This programme is not for everyone.

I am not going to mollycoddle you or do the work for you.

I am not going to tell you things are working when they're not.

I want to work with motivated women who want to success. This means putting the work in. In treturn I will be the cheerleader in your corner. Your goals and dreams become mine and I will help you achieve them.

I will offer you manageable, practical tips so you will see progress immediately. I will give you a kick up the backside if you need one.

I will be honest with you but kind,  this isn't a bootcamp! I have a wealth of knowledge on running and marketing small to medium businesses and I will help you succeed.

I only offer these places (there are only 5) to women who fit the bill.

I hope that's you. Are you ready to stop fannying around and be successful? 


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Weekly calls

Whether for training on social media, organising your classes to a pep talk you have an hour with me once a week to help grow your business. Whatever you need. 

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Tailored For You

Unlike my group programmes Clarity is created completely bespoke for your business.

No two clients are alike so why should their training be?

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Ongoing Support

My mentoring programme offers a combination of coaching and training but perhaps the most valuable  element is the ongoing support. You're not alone.

I am ready

So what are you waiting for?

Now is the right time.

More businesses than ever are flooding the online market.

What are you going to do to make yourself stand out from the crowd? 

I can help you achieve your dreams. Shall we get started?