Do you feel like you are REALLY trying with social media but it just doesn't seem to be working?

Other people make it look so easy, they have loads of followers and get tons of likes when they post. You're getting tumbleweed and it's so frustrating. 

You just want to actually get some business from Instagram and Facebook, otherwise what's the point of doing it?

Join me for my FREE 5 day workshop series for frustrated female business owners

We start on 31st January at 1pm for the first in a series of five 1 hour workshops. We’ll look at how you actually get clients from social media and move from Frustrated To Fully Booked. Are you ready?


In my FREE 5 day workshop you will learn:

Day 1

Why isn't it working?

We'll be diving deep into what’s standing in your way and what you can do to get out of the Stuck zone.  Let's kick it to the kerb! 

Day 2

Small steps forward on the path to success

Are you beating yourself up about this one? 

You’re overwhelmed and can’t focus on anything, then beat yourself up for not getting your shit done. 

We’re going to work on breaking it down to more manageable chunks.

You’ve got this and I want to show you.

Day 3

Working long hours must mean I'm productive.

Do you feel you're always busy but don't seem to be making progress? Being busy isn't always the answer. I’ll show you useful techniques on time-blocking: You can work more flexibly and still get clients! 

Day 4

Learn about the different types of social media posts

I'm going to share the secrets of social media - the 5 categories of posts – and we’ll dive deep into one of these. You'll learn how to write different types of posts to attract your dream clients from Instagram. I'll show you how it's done. 


Day 5

Live Critique Day! 

Usually, people pay to have my eyes on their social media but in today's class I’m going to give a live social media audit.

From bios to hashtags, I’ll show you the secrets, what's working, and what could be improved.


Yes I'm ready to move the blocks that are standing in my way.

Hello! I'm Jude, a business mentor specialising in social media. 

Having run my own retail business selling vintage-style children's hair clips, I'm aware of the problems small business owners face. My clips were stocked in Europe, the UK and the US. I pitched to John Lewis and Liberty. My business was picked by Theo Paphitis as a Small Business Sunday winner and Jacqueline Gold selected me as a winner of her Women on Wednesday small business competition. I taught myself social media along the way and worked as a social media manager and consultant for the last decade. I want to help frustrated business owners untangle their social media and learn to market their work with confidence and ease.


You wish it could just be easy. 

Well, it can be. 

Join me for my free 5-day workshop.  I'll be busting through the blocks that are standing in the way of making your social media a success. 

Everything has moved online and even as we move out of lockdown, the world’s cautious about returning to normal. The online world is busier and there's more competition in your nicheIt's more important than ever to stand out from the crowd!

You’ve Googled everything, you've watched the tutorials and rinsed the free training. You’re trying to implement some of it but it’s so overwhelming. I'm going to show you why it isn’t working, how to fix it, and why it’s not your fault. 

I want to take you from frustrated to fully booked.

Register your spot today

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