Connection is a powerful thing.

It can inspire and motivate us.

Women create an amazing energy when they're together. Let's get you some clarity on how to move your business forward.

Join me for a day of empowerment and reflection workshop in a beautiful venue right on Brighton Beach.  


 Moving Imperfectly Forward

I know you have the best of intentions for your business. You are a creative force, even if you don't totally believe that yet. But sometimes you get bogged down in the detail.

There just seems like so much to do when you're running your own business. Where do you even begin? Let's get you thinking about the next steps. You don't need to know it all. Just don't stay stuck. 

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 Let's make a plan together

I'm always talking about how you don't have to do everything by yourself and I mean it. I always feel stronger in my business after working with people in person. It confirms my passion and what I stand for. And I want that for you. 

This event is all about reconnecting and gaining clarity on what it is you want and how you are going to get there. 

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Here are all the details


  • Group coaching sessions with Jude
  • Thought provoking exercises 
  • Breathwork on the beach with Leo (Centred Space)
  • Mini movement session with Tessa Wilson ( Mumbop) 
  • Inspiring venue right on Brighton beach with sea views.
  • Delicious lunch and refreshments
  • Working with a community of like minded female entrepreneurs
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You had thought of everything and created and held such a beautiful space.

More more more please.


It was such a great day, I'm still digesting everything and working out my intentions for 2022, but I definitely feel like I AM ENOUGH! Jude you smashed it thank you so much! 


Jude is just awesome and has brought so many amazing women together.

Loved meeting everyone.

Breathwork on the beach with Leo

Breathwork can be a very powerful thing, it can calm the nervous system, help the brain focus and is just generally fricking amazing. Lovely Leo is an experienced yoga teacher, author and Thai masseur. She will be guiding us through some breath work practice. The combination of inner focus and the sea is going to be amazing. I can't wait! 

Energising movement with Tess 

Sometimes we need to just let go and be silly. Tess is a wonderful ball of energy and funky moves. She is going to take us through a few dance moves (nothing too hectic I promise) to get your soul fired up and connect us all in music. Tess runs some brilliant classes online and locally under her alter ego MumBop and more recently MumRave. (Glow sticks are welcome.)

When: Friday 6th May

Where: Yellowave Clubhouse, Brighton Beach

Time: 11-5pm

Cost: £165

Pricing plans are available if you email my team- [email protected] for details.

Lunch and refreshments all provided


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