How do you get people to stop scrolling?

How do you use social media to turn clicks into clients?

You feel frustrated, you are really trying to attract clients but it feels like you keep hitting a brick wall.

What does a girl have to do to get a client round here?

You spend ages trying to write posts only to get tumbleweed in response. It feels like you're shouting into a void.

You have so much to offer your audience if only they'd pay attention and stop scrolling past. How do you get their attention?

If you could get more followers it would solve your problems. No-one notices little accounts like yours. You also need to spend money on ads but don't have the budget right now. You don't have enough time to spend hours on social media, especially if Covid means you end up homeschooling! 


I am going to get real with you.

It isn't the size of your audience that is the problem.

It isn't the lack of effort.

There's no point in spending money on ads when you haven't nailed your messaging. 

You just don't know how to attract your ideal clients.

You aren't connecting with your audience.

You don't need to spend hours on social media. You just need to equip yourself with the tools to lure those potential clients in. We want buyers not scrollers right? 

More and more businesses have moved online. It's a crowded marketplace and you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

How do you plan to do that?


You started your own business as you had an idea. You wanted to work for yourself to have a flexible working life that would fit around your family. 

You want that freedom you see successful entrepreneurs talking about.

It all feels like such a struggle sometimes. It just seems to take so much time for little return.

You wish it could be easy. 

Well it can be. 

I've come up with my new Straightforward Social mini programme to equip arm you with all the tools you need to master social media once and for all under my expert tuition. 



Take my money

Straightforward Social

Starts 1st November.

What you will learn in this 6  week course:

  • How to write posts that will connect with your dream client
  • Hashtags- we dispel the rumours and give you the full lowdown on how to use them sucessfully
  • How to engage with your community and find your ideal clients
  • How to use stories and reels to attract new clients 
  • How to create a Reel using Canva
  • How to understand what is working and what to focus on

 The course will be taught in weekly hour long lessons with fortnightly Q+A sessions with Jude. 

Pay in full- 1 payment


Pay in full bonus- free audit with Jude


2 Payments of



4 Payments of



6 Payments of

£121 per month