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You feel like you are shouting into a void when it comes to social media. You know you should be doing more but it seems pointless allocating your precious time to something that never works for you. You need to make your business stand out and you know marketing is key in this crowded marketplace. Social media marketing makes you feel self conscious and anxious. What if no-one likes what I write? I don't know where to start. Are you ready to change all of this?

Book A Power Hour

Power Hours are designed to walk you through an aspect of your social media, to give you a little taster of working with me and to help you solve a problem that's been bothering you. Unlike group workshops this training will be totally bespoke for your business. You have an hour of my time over Zoom where I can share my screen to train you. What is it you'd like to work on? You decide!

Straightforward Social Programme

In my 6 week group programme you will learn how to stop people scrolling past your posts and pay attention!

How to make some money from your social media and move from frustrated to fully booked! 

Doors opening again in November. 

1:1 Mentoring

Clarity is my VIP 1:1 programme. We work together for 90 days on a bespoke plan for your business. You will be supported with a combination of training, mindset and messaging. You will leave the programme with a business strategy and able to market your business with confidence, ease and actually make some money. 

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Come and join me over on Facebook where I share tips and advice in my Sorted Social Club. Feel free to ask your questions and tell us all about your business. 

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"My aim is to help creative business owners learn how to get more clients from social media and make more money, whilst supporting them along the way. "

Jude Turner
Social Media Mentor

Keeping up to date on the latest social media changes so you don't have to. 

I am a member of a marvellous online community of social media professionals and get regular updates on new tech and changes on all social media platforms so you can trust that my knowledge is always up to date. 

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