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You feel like you are shouting into a void when it comes to social media. You know you should be doing more but it seems pointless allocating your precious time to something that never works for you. Social media marketing makes you feel self conscious and anxious. What if no-one likes what I write? I don't know where to start. Are you ready to change all of this?

Book A Power Hour

An hours 1:1 training with me on the aspect of social media of your choosing. I help you through training and expert advice. You will also get a follow up call to check on your progress. 

Online Masterclass

Sign up to my mailing list to hear about my classes which are held online. Places are always limited and they are very popular. Great way to get an overview of a topic. 

1:1 Mentoring

Work with me for 3-6 months. We'll meet fortnightly online and I will support you through all of your social media and branding journey.It's like having an expert in your pocket! 

"My aim is to help Creative Business owners learn how to market themselves effectively and support them along the way."

Jude Turner
Social Media Mentor

Why you should work with me...

Rid yourself of overwhelm

It doesn't have to be this way. If you gain the knowledge  and speak to the right audience magic will happen. I will show you how to slay your social media. 

Are you ready?


Build your online audience

Imagine if you knew exactly what to write in your posts because you knew who you were talking to.

I will help you identify your audience and hone that voice. 

Does this sound good?


Find your voice

I don't know what to write.

People will laugh at me and think I sound like a dickhead.What if no-one wants to buy my stuff and I'm just kidding myself?

Ready to kick that imposter voice to the kerb?


"Jude helped me set up my Social Media and so quickly....before my very eyes people were requesting to book in sessions with me! I was amazed... and impressed. I'm looking forward to working with Jude again very soon."

Lucy Johns
Lucy's Angels Baby Massage

Become Part Of My Facebook Group

Not only will get support from me but there is a space to ask questions, watch live videos and get feedback on your social media.

"Jude listened to what I needed and helped me create a page effortlessly. The whole process had terrified me but she made it easy and accessible. "

Catherine Head
Headspark Film

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